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Reorganization and a Recommendation

Over the past few weeks, I’ve complete refocused SNB Consulting Services, it’s been coming for a while. Our website had been re-written to incorporate more aspects of internet marketing and training. We’ll still create and update websites, but now we’ve become more ‘full-service’. Continue reading

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Recommended Reference Reading

Because change is so rapid, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself current with new things happening in all facets of internet marketing. It’s also important to have a good basis for understanding of your business and what is the best way to reach your audience so that you aren’t jumping at every bell and whistle just because they’re shiny and new. Continue reading

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It’s just not for teenagers anymore.

If you are just launching your small business you can’t afford to miss out. Social media is free word of mouth advertising to a larger audience than you could imagine. Continue reading

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