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When to value numbers and when to ignore them

Pay attention to the numbers, but don’t become consumed with chasing them. Continue reading

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Are you Linked In?

This past week it was brought home to me just how powerful networking can be, regardless whether you are doing it in person or online. Continue reading

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Perseverance and Resiliency

When all is said and done, it is the people who are resilient and persevere who win the day. That’s not to say the people who doggedly do the same thing over and over will succeed. One of the definitions … Continue reading

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Getting Help

Why is it we’re so quick to help others but have a difficult time to ask for help ourselves? It’s an odd phenomenon and it seems to be prevasive across cultures. I don’t know whether it’s that we don’t want … Continue reading

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How to choose the layout that works for you

Cruise through the web and take a look at different websites. Most look really different but take a closer look. Once you ignore the colours and graphics you’re notice that the actual layout of the website is very similar from one website to another. Continue reading

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Recap & Reasoning

Web design has become only a small part of what I do which is important because, your website is only a single tool in your businesses online presence. Continue reading

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Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

You know who your ideal client will be and how you’re going to position yourself in the market place but…how are you going to communicate all this to your customers to ensure you attract the right ones? Continue reading

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Identify Your Ideal Client or customer

It is much more complicated. Following on last week’s blog (and leading in to next week’s), knowing who your ideal customer will be, helps you target your marketing plan. Continue reading

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What products and services should you offer?

As small business owners, especially when we’re just starting out, we tend to feel obligated to accept every bit of business that comes our way. Continue reading

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are the pages where potential customers arrive at your website. This is not always your homepage. In fact, usually it isn’t. Continue reading

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