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With years of experience in customer service and client relations, Sue Nelson Buckley has a unique perspective to help you understand web design and how to make your website work for you.

Accessibility – What does it mean?

Why should we bother to make out websites and blogs accessible? Surely it will take too much time and trouble and be hardly worth the effort… right? Continue reading

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WHOA – Back up

And I mean that literally. For everyone, small business owners, grandmas and grandpas, grad students and grade school scholars make sure you back-up your computers. Make a recovery CD or DVD when you first buy a new computer. Your computer … Continue reading

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The buzz about keywords.

Keywords are the commonly used words used to describe your product or services. Let’s say you need to know about project management consultants in Vancouver. You type Project Management Consultant, Vancouver into the search field. These are your keywords. Keywords … Continue reading

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Why am I suddenly receiving spam!

Personally speaking, I would hesitate to do anything that makes it more difficult for customers to contact you especially since even the most basic email programs contain some form of spam filter. Continue reading

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It’s just not for teenagers anymore.

If you are just launching your small business you can’t afford to miss out. Social media is free word of mouth advertising to a larger audience than you could imagine. Continue reading

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What is SEO anyway?

Times have changed and the competition has become fierce for the top spots in the search engine results. In come cases there are thousands of listings for the same topic, so how can you get yourself noticed? Continue reading

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Should I bring a compass?

No matter how good your sense of direction, without the proper visual cues, you can become hopelessly lost in even the smallest website. Continue reading

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Do you need a website?

…if you’re a small business owner, it’s vital to ensure that a website is the right way to spend your advertising dollars. Continue reading

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The Goal of Content

Content is king. Of all the components on your website, content reigns as the multi-tasking champion. Continue reading

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