Everyone likes free stuff

Free samples, 25% more, buy one get one free the list goes on and on.

Freebies are a marketers favourite tool as evidenced by the huge bag of swag (free branded stuff from tradeshows) I have in my office.

If you go to a trade show, most likely you’ll have the option of a free pen at almost every booth you visit. Why? Because people use pens and even thought they aren’t consciously reading the words or logo imprinted, it’s there in front of them.

But when you’re online, it’s harder to get swag like pens in your potential customer’s hands. So you’ll have to be creative about finding ways to offer incentive for people to sample your product or use your services.

I’m currently in the process of writing branded e-book for potential clients to download.

This is a good idea for most consultants. It gives a sample of your knowledge and is more easily delivered online. Better yet, potential clients can share your e-book so even if they don’t need your services, they can share it with friends and colleagues. It’s branded, so your website URL and contact information are there for anyone to see.

The trick is to balance the amount of information you include. You don’t want to tell it all but you want to explain enough to validate your knowledge and experience. You want to make sure there is enough juice inside to engage the client. If they read your e-book and find it too basic, and view it as a waste of time and effort, it’s worse than not having a freebie at all.

Once you decide which freebie is right for your business, you’ll have to decide how to distribute it.

Will you make people sign up to receive it by giving you their email address? Will you distribute through a 3rd party to give you increased exposure besides appearing on your website? Will you send it out as a bonus when customers purchase a product or service from you?

The options are endless.

Helpful Hint:

Whatever you decide to use as a freebie make sure you have it clearly and permanently branded. Include your logo, website URL and contact information where it can be clearly seen on the cover and as a footer on every page.

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