It’s 2010 – time to reflect

I’ve spent the past few weeks adjusting my scope and coming up with a plan of action for 2010 and beyond. The irony is that I’ve been concentrating on getting everyone else up and running that I’ve let my own marketing and promotion slide.

When you’re a consultant or small business owner, it’s hard to maintain a balance between current contracts and always making sure there are more being negotiated to prevent dry periods when you not only have to concentrate on marketing, but re-establish yourself within the market place which might have forgotten you while you were busy.

Playing catch-up is a lot of extra, unnecessary work, so make sure you make the time to keep up.

Here’s part of my strategy for staying on top of everything during 2010

  • Use a central calendar/contact list – I have two computers, a blackberry and two businesses plus writing fiction. I need to be able to go to one place from anywhere to keep organized.
  • Block out time to work on marketing my own business. This includes, participate in group discussions, update my portfolio page with new clients and new versions of my current projects.
  • Set aside time for writing – even though this is my favourite hobby, it is now part of my business structure and needs to be done
  • Exercise – getting away from my desk is occasionally more important that forcing myself to finish just one last task before I take a break.

What’s your plan of action?

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