The Importance of Partners, Affiliates and Cheerleaders

This week I’m reminded how important it is to align yourself to people who can help you either in services or just plain cheer-lead as you move forward.

This week, a project I’ve been heavily involved in has come to life. It’s scary and exciting all at once but it’s also made me realize how dependent we all are on each other and how effective synergy can be.

PaperBox Books put it’s first titles up for sale on December 23rd. It was perhaps the worst time of the year to begin marketing an online item for purchase. But good timing for a soft launch. Perry and Sue (that’s me) wanted to ensure there were no bugs or problems in the process before spreading the good news. Even though we’re using a third party e-commerce system, things can still go wrong.

Because of our solid foundation and huge support group of writers, artists, printers, editors and web designers we’ve already surpassed our initial goals for building a web presence through internet marketing and an offline presence through radio interviews and word of mouth. Our stats show book sales before we’ve officially begun our marketing campaign.

Building your audience can take a while but it’s worth it.

Sharing your adventure while you follow your dream can make your launch very effective. Opening day is always much more satisfying when customers are lined up at the door waiting for them to open, even if the first people in line are your Mom and her best friend (who have no clue what you’re doing), they’ll still be eager customers and their enthusiasm will help draw others in.

Congratulations to PaperBox Books on publishing their first titles. I happen to know from a reliable source there will be more titles coming in January 🙂 If you’re an author, with a great novel or short story check out their how to submit page, they’re looking for more writers.

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