Recap & Reasoning

I know over the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time talking about things that aren’t driectly associated with web design. I’ve done this on purpose because web design has become only a small part of what I do and your website is only a single tool in your businesses online presence.

Over the past few months, much of my role has morphed into a coaching position. Remember all that talk about not being afraid to tweak your goals and your target audience. This is what I meant. This isn’t to say I’m no longer doing web design. I am, but I’m doing so much more as I move forward.

Many of my clients are consultants new to the concept of working for themselves. Most are coming from a non-marketing background and even more are coming from a non-technical background. I help guide them through the maze of possibilities to decide which options are best suited to their company’s style and structure.

To me this is more important that simply building a website. Truly, anyone can build a website. There are enough do-it-yourself software programs out there to help you out. The difference is and always will be quality.

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