Getting Help

Why is it we’re so quick to help others but have a difficult time to ask for help ourselves?

It’s an odd phenomenon and it seems to be prevasive across cultures. I don’t know whether it’s that we don’t want to appear weak or admit that we don’t know, but there seems to be something inate in those who are self employed to believe (whether consciously or unconsciously) that we must do it all ourselves.

According to those experts I’ve talked to through my networking and research, this is one of the key reasons why many small businesses fail. We don’t ask for help when we need it.

My Solution:

When you’re creating your network. Make sure you include not only people who might purchase your product or services, but also people with similar and complementary businesses. Keep up to date with them and offer advice and help when they’re in a tight spot. This makes it much easier on the ego when it comes time to request a bit of aid or advice yourself.

Join groups on and other networking sites and join in conversations. This way people will get to know you so if you do run into issues, it seems less like approaching complete strangers.

Added bonus:

Interacting with others helps you keep tuned to your industry without having to do hours of research. You can hear what new and what’s passe in a few conversations.

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