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This past week I attended a couple of really interesting seminars. One session that really stood out for me was about the importance of landing pages. The speaker was Raquel Hirsch from Wider Funnel marketing Optimization.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are the pages where potential customers arrive at your website. This is not always your homepage. In fact, usually it isn’t.

Your homepage must be an effective landing page for your entire business. People must immediately see what you provide and how to get those services. However, if you are advertising certain aspects of your business, say a free download or special event, linking to your company’s home page can actually reduce the number of sales you make.

For example, an ad for a free download should link to a page that has ‘Free Download’ in the heading with an easy-to-see button to get that download. The ad should never link to a page that shows several things to read or other pages to visit. The last thing you want to do is divert your customer’s attention from getting that download. It is why they came.

If you want to offer your customers an additional item, follow Amazon’s example. They do a spectacular job off prompting additional sales.

At Amazon when you click on a book to add to your shopping cart, they tell about what other people who have bought that book also purchased AND if you’ve purchased through them before, they will suggest other books based on your own preferences. Note – they don’t interfere with your path to purchase.

If Amazon displays other selections on the same page, the cover-art images are smaller and shown near the bottom. The top of the page is devoted to the item you clicked.

When you advertise an event, it’s the same principle. Link to a page that gives details about the event: date, time, location cost, speakers, entertainment etc. Then provide a clear path to register. Do not just link your advertisement to your homepage and hope the potential customer has patience to sift through your navigation to find event information.

The numbers speak for themselves. A good landing page can increase the conversion rate of clickers to customers. They’re definitely worth the time and effort to do well.


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