WHOA – Back up

And I mean that literally.

For everyone, small business owners, grandmas and grandpas, grad students and grade school scholars make sure you back-up your computers.

Make a recovery CD or DVD when you first buy a new computer. Your computer will prompt you to do this and the step by step instructions make this a very simple process – block out an hour or so to do it though as it does take a while.

Then get into a habit or routinely doing a back-up of your information. It’s amazing how much we do on our computers without realizing it.

Why a blog about backing up your computer systems?

This past week I had just about the worst heart-attack a small business owner could ever have. Well aside from a real heart-attack that is. I was merrily typing away on my keyboard when all of a sudden the screen went black. Not the pretty yet annoying blue-screen-of-death, but black – completely dead.

The first few minutes were spent trying to coax my electronic baby back to life, followed by a few more of heart wrenching realizations of what could be lost if the problem turned out to be a fatal issue with my hard-drive (memory-central).

Then I remembered… I’ve done my back-ups. Worst case scenario I would lose only a few days worth of editing on my novel. WHEW!

Don’t let this happen to you.

Maintain your computers and regularly back up your data to ensure you don’t lose those amazing photos of the guy across the street feeding a baby skunk or your new design for the most awesome widget ever.


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