What’s all the Twitter about?

Yeah, I know. At first glance it appears to be the most useless, narcissistic concept out there. I’m a recent Twitter convert myself and while I still have concerns about what information to Tweet online, I’m sold on the concept.

What’s a Tweet?

It’s the 140 character piece of information you post on Twitter. I have to admit, I’m finding it very useful.

I’ll pass along to you the best advice I’ve been given regarding Twitter. It was from Rainer Schmoll @ThinkReferrals, “Follow the people you want to follow you” and “let people get to know you.” He should know, he has over 76,000 followers and recently he’s learned just how much strength there is in numbers.

Build your Twitter follower base by following people who share your interests. To that end I’ve created two Twitter profiles. You can follow me @snbconsulting for all things web design or @s_nelsonbuckley about writing and my journey to be a published author.

My follow/follower lists for each profile are completely different. This helps me organize the incoming information more efficiently. For even more efficiency, download software like Tweetdeck for even better control.

And trust me, there is a lot of incoming information. The vibe in Twitter-land is about sharing. There is a constant stream of links to blogs and articles coming into my account, about subjects that interest me, from the people I’ve chosen to follow.

What to post?

When you post to Twitter make your posts interesting. Gary Jones @Bluefur suggests posting trivia, tips, polls, music and videos to make things interesting and to allow your followers to get to know you. He uses Twitter to get people engaged whether he’s losing weight, raising money for charity or simply announcing his song for the day. As a result, he’s also increased his business, without ever advertising directly on Twitter.com.

Why does this work?

Most people, if given the choice will chose to do business with someone they know. Twitter provides an avenue for your potential customers to get to know you and your company before they walk through your doors (or even visit your website). From the information you share and the tone of your Tweets you can build rapport with people online before they ever need your service. You’ll be the first company they think of when they need a product you offer… or will be ready to recommend your company to a friend.

Twitter is a pull marketing technique. You attract people’s attention by what you say. They become interested and want to learn more about you  so they view your profile, read your blog then contact you or visit your website.

To start using Twitter to build your business reputation today set up your free, yes free, account at http://twitter.com.


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