Accessibility – What does it mean?

Why should we bother to make out websites and blogs accessible? Surely it will take too much time and trouble and be hardly worth the effort… right?

To quote Glenda Watson Hyatt, blogger extraordinaire, 18% of the population has a disability. Their spending power is twice that of teenagers and almost 20% that of tweens. Her stats are in American but the percentages are undoubtedly similar here in Canada.

Are you willing to ignore that big a chunk of potential customers?

I’ve always been an advocate of building websites to be accessible. It’s truly a no-brainer. An accessible website will rank higher with search engines because the content, navigation and images have been formatted correctly – imagine that!

So what do you have to do to make your website, and your blog, accessible?

Well, it’s a lot cheaper and easier than building a ramp or changing the panel in your elevator to include Braille characters.

Most of it is already done for you if you’re using a reputable web designer. (like me 🙂 ). But to really give you some great tips and go download the free e-book, from Glenda Watson Hyatt How POUR is your Blog, Tips for Increasing your Blog’s Accessibility. It’s a quick read, a 35 page PDF file filled with invaluable information. Even though she’s speaking about blogs in the e-book, the information is even more relevant for building accessible websites.

Go to Glenda Watson Hyatt’s website to learn more about her and I highly recommend downloading Glenda’s e-book. She spoke at a Word Press seminar I attended over the weekend. She is absolutely amazing and completely blew me away!


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